Colour: Personal Style Board (Collage)

A few years back when I realised I seemed to be wearing a lot of black, I created the following simple collage using cuttings from my magazine stash, to help inspire me to inject more colour into my wardrobe.

If the same seems to have happened for you, why not create your own board too?

If you have a selection of magazines, go through them and cut out images of outfits, garments and/or accessories in colours that appeal to you and pin or glue to a board or in a scrapbook.

OR if cutting out and glueing to boards is not your thing, use Pinterest and create boards to help you curate, define or refine your colour style.

Check out my board: Personal Styling for Baby Boomer and Generation X Women, for ideas on putting your board together or just for colour and style inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Colour: Personal Style Board (Collage)

  1. Love what you’re doing over here, Valerie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your jewelry is lovely and I look forward to the reopening of your Etsy shop. Warmly, Debra Eve

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Debra and looking at my jewellery too – will be reopening the shop later this week x

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