Ageless Attitude

“Age transfigures or petrifies”. ~ Marie Dubusky

Are you fearful of getting older?

In 2014 a survey of 1,000 over 50’s, commissioned by online social care marketplace provider CloudBy revealed that 8 in 10 over 50’s worry about ageing, with loneliness, being a burden to others, having little money to fund ones social care, featuring among the top ten fears.  Health issues, serious illness and failing minds, were also of concern.

Ageless attitude

BUT, according to an article on US website Forbes Custom, by writer Susan Burnell, “Americans 50 and over are setting their own trends.  Eager to plan a new course for themselves, they are focussing less on ageing and more on living.  This ageless attitude includes maintaining health and financial security,  connecting with friends and family, giving back and actively enjoying life”.

 I’d love to know what steps you have taken, if any, to cultivate your own ageless attitude.  Do share your thoughts below.

“Never use the passing years as an excuse for old age”. ~ Robert Broult

2 thoughts on “Ageless Attitude

  1. I wear what I like with reckless abandon and what fits my pocketbook. I am just as young as when I was 45 and I have earned the right to be ME. Yes, I need/should make some adjustments to my body, but it has served me well and I love it.

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