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5 Tips for Layering Your Clothes Through Autumn and Winter

‘Layering’ is one of those trends that never goes out of fashion and really comes into its own as the temperature drops and we look to ways of dressing that will enable us to strip of an item of clothing or two when moving from the cold outdoors into a warm centrally heated environment and putting those items back on when we have to head back out.

Being on the curvy side, I am always mindful when it comes to layering of not wanting to end up looking bigger than I am.   I also don’t want to end up wearing so many layers that I feel restricted in movement (especially since, my own personal style preference is for loose fitting clothing).  So…..I’d like to share with you a few things I’ve learnt over the years and……also introduce you to some contemporary designs from the-Bias-Cut.com’s new A/W 17 collection which are perfect for layering up or down!

Carmel knitted lurex blouse; Brambles cotton poplin shirt; Nolene boucle trousers

  • Start with thin layers first (such as a camisole top, tee shirt or collared shirt) and then move onto thicker or looser clothing such as a jumper, more densely woven shirt or jacket on top.  This looks flattering and streamlined, leaving room for a coat, wrap or cape to be worn on top if needed, without you feeling and looking bulky.

Elise circus star blouse; Bobby denim jacket

Ivy lurex cardigan; Joanne burgundy heart embroidered t-shirt

  • Experiment with different complimentary or contrasting colours for your layers rather than stick to just one colour which can look bland I feel, unless the fabrics are of very different textures.  But, do ignore what I’ve just said here, if clashing colours is your thing.

    Bowie sweater red; Elise circus star blouse

  • Wearing a combination of clothing of different textures and patterning can really look great, but it does take some experimenting to achieve an effortless and stylish look (unless you deliberately want to give the impression you grabbed the nearest items of clothing to hand and got dressed in the dark).

Jacket bright leopard; Blue jay feather cotton poplin shirt

  • Having a selection of scarves in varying textiles, colours and patterns can enhance your layering.  I’ve been wearing scarves for years to not only add a splash of colour to a plain outfit, but to keep my neck warm when it’s chilly.

Lorena jersey dress-forest green; Amsterdam city scarf

  • I love wearing trousers, but the past couple of years or so, I’ve got back into wearing dresses now and again and in the colder months will wear them with a camisole underneath and instead of going bare legged, I’ll wear different coloured and/or textured tights (or leggings with short socks) and ankle boots.

How do you layer up for autumn and winter?  Do share!

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post. Photos shared with permission from https://the-bias-cut.com/